• Feet Photographic Exhibition

    ‘FEET’ is a project about people and their stories. It is about their humanity, their narrative and the journeys they have taken: journeys which are portrayed by their feet. The photos are the historical testimony of a human being. It is an original project which brought the diversities of life and reflect today’s realities and […]

  • Kate Gonzi: From the Heart

    The book, ‘Kate Gonzi: From the Heart’ is a collection of over 90 essays written by people from different walks of life, including the President Dr George Abela, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Auxiliary Bishop Mons Charles Scicluna, Dr Simon Busuttil, wife of former UK Prime Minister Cherie Blair, journalists, photojournalists, Kate Gonzi’s family and […]

  • ‘How the Media covers the World’s Biggest Issues’

    Leading Talks, in collaboration with the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education in Journalism, hosted World BBC presenter Zeinab Badawi for a talk entitled: How the media covers the world’s biggest issues: from wars and revolutions to globalisation and financial crisis. President Emeritus Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici, Chairman of the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education in […]

  • ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’

    The beginning of the 21st century is not only shrouded in bad news. Worldwide, thousands of researchers are throwing themselves wholeheartedly into the relatively new discipline of positive psychology. Positive psychology does not take faults, failures and negative syndromes as its starting point, but is based on the positive power of people. If we have […]

  • ‘Women at the Top – How to Achieve Effective Leadership’

    Principal of Leading Leaders Int. Ltd. Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Viviane Amar is a worldwide consultant practicing cultural change through Women, sharing her concepts in the ‘Women Contributive Leadership Journey’. She has worked on Executive Leadership Coaching for the past 27 years in America, Asia and Europe. Author of the book ‘Pouvoir et Leadership’ Pearson […]

  • ‘Making Economic Growth Greener: How and When’

    Ing. Pasquale Pistorio is Honorary Chairman of STMicroelectronics after having served as Chairman and CEO. He is Honorary Chairman of ST Foundation, President of the Pistorio Foundation and Chairman of Sagem Wireless (France). A former Chairman of the Board of Telecom Italia, he is also an independent director of Fiat s.p.a and member of the […]

  • ‘World 2015 – Opportunities, Challenges and Risks’

    Dan O’Brien is a senior economist and editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit, the business information arm of The Economist Group. He specializes in European economic and political affairs, at both European Union and national levels, and global trade and investment issues. He regularly addresses conferences and meetings in Europe and further afield, comments for […]