16th April – Euro Debate

Dan O’Brien, Chief Economist of the Institute of International and European Affairs, one of Ireland’s leading think tanks will be in Malta for a Euro debate on ‘Does the Euro have a Future’. With chronically weak economic growth, a fragile financial system and deep divisions among the currency union’s members over fiscal and monetary policy as well on the role and type of growth-enhancing structural reforms, Europe’s 19-member single currency bloc is in deep trouble. Can stronger growth be achieved, can the flaws in the design of the euro be remedied and, ultimately, can the single currency survive over the longer term?

The Euro debate is being organized at the Malta Chamber on Thursday 16th April at 9am (Registration at 8h30).

Participants in the debate:

Opening Address
Hon Edward Scicluna
Minister for Finance

Keynote Speaker
Mr Dan O’Brien
Chief Economist, Institute of International & Economic Affairs

Mr Michael C Bonello
Chairman, Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c

Dr Gordon Cordina
Executive Director E-Cubed Consultants

Mr Keith Demicoli
PBS Newscaster

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