Kate Gonzi: From the Heart

The Team

The Team: Photo Caption: Daniela Allen, General Editor, Josephine Vassallo Parnis, Project Coordinator, Mrs Kate Gonzi, and Stephania Dimech Sant, Content Editor. © Darrin Zammit Lupi

The book, ‘Kate Gonzi: From the Heart’ is a collection of over 90 essays written by people from different walks of life, including the President Dr George Abela, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, Auxiliary Bishop Mons Charles Scicluna, Dr Simon Busuttil, wife of former UK Prime Minister Cherie Blair, journalists, photojournalists, Kate Gonzi’s family and friend who all share their experience of her.

In an exclusive interview the protagonist herself reflects upon her life experiences, with highlights including aspects of the turbulent times during the last legislature, and how they affected her and her family. ‘Kate Gonzi: From the Heart’ has certainly found a comfortable place in many people’s home.

The book is dedicated to all those whose lives are touched by mental health problems. ‘Kate Gonzi: From the Heart’ was officially launched on the 11th December 2014 and all proceeds went towards mental health charities. The book was published by Midsea Books.

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