Feet Photographic Exhibition

baby feet

‘FEET’ is a project about people and their stories. It is about their humanity, their narrative and the journeys they have taken: journeys which are portrayed by their feet. The photos are the historical testimony of a human being. It is an original project which brought the diversities of life and reflect today’s realities and challenges. Any theme is a challenge for any artist. And any theme can be a source of inspiration.

‘FEET’ – is an interesting theme that surely provoked the participating artists to look at their creativity from a different angle, with beautiful and surprising results. A painter-artist, Dr Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci and a Photographer-artist Omar Camilleri were brought together by Josephine Vassallo who instigated the event and together, three individuals from different spheres and professions had to see and interpret reality through the concept and parameters of ‘feet’. The entire event can be interpreted as an artistic installation. The venue itself was Strada Merkanti which was transformed into an artistic space.

‘FEET’ as a sign of sufferance, love, identity, community, worship, sweet, joy. The originality is really beautiful. The project ‘FEET’ is dedicated to my late father Nicholas Vassallo.

  • For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one
  • Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
  • By your works are ye justified: meditate, toil and hope
  • Heaven is high and earth wide: Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  • I rubbed her feet that day touching death-humility and prayer
  • I have spread my dreams beneath your feet
  • Dance a prayer. Dancing faces you towards Heaven
  • Rest from prayer – there is no other place of rest for me
  • Freedom purchased at the price of chains
  • Love
  • Two feasts: the Apollonian and the Bacchanalian
  • Re-birth: struggle into toil

Viewing of images by request.

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